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About Us

The story of Lumanitas is born from a complicated relationship with the human body’s largest organ.

The story of Lumanitas is born from a complicated relationship with the human body’s largest organ.

When I was just a few. months old it was already clear I was going to have trouble with my skin (note the box of Aveeno in the background of this pic – nothing a good oatmeal soak doesn’t help!) Some of it is clearly DNA: my mother had rosacea that made her (very sadly) insecure about her otherwise beautiful appearance when I was growing up.

My sister struggled with eczema so bad it made her skin peel off in flaky layers like fish scales. When I was young, I scratched my itchy, cracking skin until I would bleed!

As a teenager and well into my mid-thirties I’ve had sporadically serious acne – I have a few small scars to remind me.

I did everything the conventional wisdom and skincare companies would have me do – washed twice or even three times a day, used alcohol astringent to kill bacteria and “dry out” my supposedly overly-oily skin, slather it in salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. I even went to tanning salons (pause while my older self screams at the younger me) as another step to hopefully dry my skin out and get it to produce less of the oil that I thought was making me break out.

Of course, this was all just making things worse and setting me up for premature aging years later.

As an adult, my relationship with my skin has still been adversarial – as if we are two entirely separate entities always at war.

My forehead is an oil slick that shines in photographs like the morning sun, yet never creates pimples. The rest of my face is often dry but still breaks out, even as I age into my forties. In the 25 years or so since I hit puberty, I have tried hundreds of products and nearly as skin care regimens to get keep my skin clear and glowing. Nothing ever achieved this and many products (often the most expensive ones!) made things worse.

My epiphany and the subsequent invention of the Lumanitas came by accident and necessity. I had major surgery that left me unable to shower or stand over a sink to wash my face for a couple of weeks. I was certain that I would break out like a hormonal teenager and have blackheads that would take me weeks to get rid of. All I could do was use a wet washcloth to wipe my face and splash a little warm water on it when I was at the sink.

What happened instead shocked me to my core and upended everything
I thought I knew about skincare.

My skin glowed. Not a blemish to be found. Not one clogged pore. After those two weeks, my skin looked better than it ever had ever before in my adult life. This was a revelation.

I was convinced that doing less was the way to go but didn’t know why. I threw myself headfirst into understanding how this could be. I read countless books on dermatology to learn about skin structure, how it functions, and what it needs to thrive. I read hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and scholarly articles on recent discoveries in skin health. What I homed in on relatively quickly were two key conclusions:

Companies that sell us our personal care products, an industry worth nearly $86 billion in 2022 and projected to grow to $100 billion by 2026, understandably have no interest in us using fewer products. They count on us to keep buying new products to address our varying skin issues and achieve the clear, glowing, ageless skin we all long for, when what the evidence shows is that we should actually be subtracting products and simplifying our routines. Indeed, many of the products that are sold to us as solutions are often the cause of the very problem we are trying to treat.

The goal of Lumanitas is to preach the gospel of Less is More, and that healthy, radiant skin doesn’t start with products.

Worry less about how “clean” your skin is and focus much more on how clean your diet and lifestyle are. Unprocessed, whole, mostly plant-based foods. Quality sleep. Exercise. Sun protection. And finally, nurturing the incredible colony of microbes that call your skin home.