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Dragon Fruit + Kombucha + Steel Cut Oats

Flavonoid and phenolic acid-rich dragon fruit works alongside an abundance of pre and probiotics in kombucha to improve the balance of good to bad bacteria on skin, while ultra-calming steel cut oats round out this transformative elixir for all skin types.


1.67 oz.


Dragon Fruit – This exotic fruit is imbued with a plethora of antioxidants including a high concentration of vitamin C, which supports collagen production and helps maintain elastin. Betacyanin, a unique phytonutrient that gives dragon fruit its beautiful, pink color, is a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and has even been shown to slow the growth of tumor cells. Dragon fruit also contains prebiotics and encourages the growth of the probiotic lactobacilli, which inhibits pathogen growth and bifidobacterial, which has been shown to calm reactive skin.

Kombucha – A pre and probiotic powerhouse, kombucha is also rich in B vitamins 1, 2, 6 and 12, along with a hefty dose of vitamin C, which promote new cell growth and protect existing cells from oxidative damage. This healthy beverage is naturally rich in lactic acid, which moisturizes as it gently exfoliates. Lactobacillus, the most common probiotic strain in kombucha, calms irritation and helps strengthen and repair the skin barrier. Having a balanced good to bad bacteria ratio also helps skin defend itself against pollution and other environmental attackers.

Steel Cut Oats – This tried-and-true natural beauty remedy lives up to its reputation. Oatmeal calms irritated skin and lessens inflammatory flare-ups from conditions such as eczema and acne. It’s known to improve skin imperfections and support collagen production. Phenolic acid allows oats to gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells while leaving your skin’s healthy microbiome intact. It’s full of flavonoids and saponins – a type of antioxidant-rich carbohydrate found in plants that deeply soothes when applied to skin’s surface. Saponins also act as a mild cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its precious natural oils.