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Blue Spirulina + Agave Nectar + White Quinoa

Nutrient-rich and rare, blue spirulina combines with the humectant properties of agave nectar and soothing white quinoa to create this deeply hydrating facial.


1.67 oz.


Blue Spirulina – A microalgae that has been cultivated for centuries, spirulina is rich in vitamins A, B6, E and K, fatty acids, and eight essential amino acids the body doesn’t have naturally. A particularly high micro-nutrient content encourages cell turnover and boosts collagen production. Linolenic acid acts as an emollient that helps prevent both moisture loss and bacteria overgrowth, creating the conditions for more balanced skin. Rich in the phytonutrient phycocyanin – a potent antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals that cause premature aging and collagen loss.

Agave Nectar – The ancient Aztecs regarded this plant as a gift from the Gods, and for good reason! Agave nectar is a powerful humectant that helps prevent transepidermal water loss and reduces the appearance of small lines and wrinkles. It contains natural saponins – plant glycosides known to gently cleanse without stripping skin of its natural lipids. Its skin-calming effects can help acne, eczema and other inflammatory skin condition symptoms subside more quickly. Fructans – acting as potent prebiotics – stimulate and feed the growth of beneficial bacteria.

White Quinoa – Quinoa is a natural source of squalene, which is the main component of skin surface polyunsaturated lipids. Translation: squalene is crucial to keeping the precious fats on our skin prevalent and healthy. Kaempferol and quercetin – powerful polyphenol antioxidants – are abundant in quinoa and have been shown to scavenge for free radicals, smooth fine lines and calm irritation. Quinoa is also rich in flavonoids, oxalate and phytic acid, and all 9 essential amino acids. A super-food ingredient through and through.