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Activated Charcoal + Fresh Ginger + Amaranth

Charcoal derived from coconut works to pull impurities from skin while fresh ginger tamps down inflammation and amaranth bathes skin in ultra-beneficial B vitamins.


1.67 oz.


Activated Charcoal – A fascinating substance – just one teaspoon of activated charcoal can cover the area of a football field! Its molecules are almost microscopic and very, very porous.

This means they can get into the tiniest of places and, when they’re there, pull out impurities small and large, which bind to the molecules’ surface. Dirt, excess surface oil, environmental deposits and even heavy metals are no match for its tremendous absorption power.

The result: clearer skin, smaller-looking pores, and less excess surface oil, all without stripping the skin of its precious natural lipids and protective microbiota.

Ginger – Known for centuries as a healing plant, ginger has antiseptic properties shown to kill bacteria linked to acne breakouts.

As a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can decrease age-related oxidative stress markers. Its 14 bioactive compounds protect against free radical damage, increase collagen production and improve elasticity, tone and texture of the skin.

Ginger increases circulation, demonstrates natural depuffing capabilities and has even been shown to fade hypopigmented scars. It’s also exhibited a stifling effect on enzymes known to break down collagen.

Amaranth – A staple food for Aztec, Maya and Inca civilizations, the word amaranth means “unfading” in Greek.

Amaranth is loaded with micronutrients, B vitamins, essential amino acids and is high in plant compounds knows as phenolic acids. Amaranth contains squalene – an indispensable lipid already in your skin that keeps it hydrated and protects it against free-radical damage and oxidative stress.

Unfortunately, your liver makes less of this magical oil starting in your 30’s, so supplementing it from ethical, plant-based resources is a very good idea. Amaranth even has vitamin C! An awesome little grain indeed.